Save on ALL Monitor SE Series Speakers
November 1 - December 31, 2019
Old Town Saginaw 
T & Tanks
while they last
All Record Buy 2 get 1 FREE!
Trade UP to the Paradigm Difference this Holiday Season

For a limited time, Trade UP any brand of old speakers for 20% OFF Paradigm Premier OR Prestige Series speakers.  

Simply fill out information on your speakers on line at to receive a coupon code.  Bring it, along with your used speakers to receive a MINIMUM of 20% OFF your new Paradigm Premier OR Prestige Series Speakers.

Huge savings on Denon AVR receivers!!

Choose from our top 4 selling models . . . save up to $400 

Ask us about our Christmas specials . . . save on the best in audio & video speakers, turntables, and more!

Sony, LG & Samsung 4K & 8K TVs at or below "Best Buy" pricing!

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